Buffalo First and Connare Tech Collaborate for Directory Internship Program


BUFFALO, NY - Jan. 14, 2014 - Buffalo First and local software engineering company Connare Tech are teaming up to provide a unique internship opportunity for college students majoring in community development or computer science and software engineering. The Internship Program will pair one technical intern with a background in software engineering or computer science with a community development intern. Together, the two interns will help to develop marketing systems and programs for Buffalo First, with improved mission-driven metrics and interactivity for users.


The program is looking for two students who have a passion for social justice, for new economic principles that include social and environmental impact, and local pride. The program would begin in March of 2014.


Students will be directly responsible for planning and executing improvements to the Buffalo First members based services directory, working directly with staff and local businesses to create searchable metrics that accurately promote and emphasize sustainability, local ownership and social justice issues. The Buffalo First board of directors will oversee the project, and provide guidance for the two interns. The program will be combined with Connare Tech’s nationally recognized software engineering internship program, led by Connare Tech founder and CEO Sanjay Connare.


The students will work together often, spending time with both organizations and learning how the non-profit and for-profit worlds differ and are similar in operations, resources, missions, and management styles. Focus groups, presentations, and interviews with business owners and community leaders will help to guide the students’ work.


Both interns will be offered course credit toward their degree either as an independent study or as a thesis or research program as defined by their department and faculty advisor.


Buffalo First has worked to foster a strong self-determined local economy in Western New York for the past six years. Buffalo First and its members believe businesses are more than employers and profit-makers. They are neighbors, community builders and the starting point for social innovation, aligning commerce with the common good through transparency and accountability.


Technical Intern


The Technical Intern will be responsible for creating, developing and building out the foundation that is required for the deliverable services. Daily activities would focus on the utilization and application of your technical skills as you develop online resources and make crucial choices with respect to interface design and user experience. In this position, programming isn’t everything. You will also be responsible for maintaining and managing the project timeline with the Community Outreach Intern, communicating goals, roadmap feature rollouts, product demonstrations, and collect user feedback. To qualify for this position you must:


1.            Be pursuing a BS or MS in software engineering or computer science

2.            Be fluent in: PHP, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, HTML5, third party API integrations and object oriented design methodologies

3.            Devote 10-15 hours per week while school is in session; 25-35 hours per week when school is not in session until project completion

4.            Provide you own means of transportation to the Connare Tech and Buffalo First offices


We are looking for candidates who are self motivated, able to work in an environment that is fast paced, demanding and—as is the nature of technology— always changing. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate creative confidence and a desire to apply non-traditional methods to solutions, in an environment that is far removed from a typical 9-5 work routine.


Marketing and Membership Services Intern


The Marketing and Membership Service Intern will be responsible for:

Developing and Maintaing Marketing Programs that are part of Buffalo First's core mission.

Working with long standing Buffalo First member businesses, to collect accurate data, contact information and online profile materials to populate a new local directory.and its subsequent distribution.


Schedule is flexible: 10 hours per week during school, at the Buffalo First office with opportunities for working remotely, and 20 hours per week during the summer.


Strong organization and communication skills, a familiarity with databases, as well as an interest in local economies, sustainability and community economic development are preferred.



Buffalo First! is a nonprofit whose mission is to foster a strong, self-determined local economy in Western New York through consumer education, advocacy and programs that further the impact of local and sustainable business in the region.


Since its inception in 2003, Connare Tech has focused on empowering businesses and individuals through technical solutions that work. Connare Tech continues that focus today through developing innovative and groundbreaking products with user-friendly, intuitive functionality.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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