How do I access my email from my personal email program? (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail)

To access your email using a program such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird these are the settings you will need: 

(Where you see "" below, substitute your website's domain name. For example, if your website domain is, your incoming mail server would be

Throughout the setup process login is your full e-mail address (ie. "," not just "john"), and the password is the password that Connare Tech, Inc. has provided for your email address. If you have lost or forgotten this password, please contact Connare Tech, Inc. to have it reset.

Mail Server Type: IMAP (do not use POP)

Incoming Mail Server:
     The incoming mail server requires SECURE authentication. We no longer allow authentication over port 143.  Select SSL or TLS encryption.  If a port is requested enter 993.

Outgoing Mail Server:
     Outgoing mail needs to have passwords sent securly. 

The outgoing mail server requires SMTP authentication and passwords must be sent securly.  We no longer allow authentication over port 25.

      In Apple Mail, select use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) in the advanced tab.
      In Outlook, Select TLS encryption for outgoing server
      In Thunderbird under Connection Security select STARTTLS

For all other programs check the advanced settings for outgoing server to enable secure passwords. 
      If you are still having difficulty sending mail, in advanced settings, for your outgoing server change the port to 26.

If passwords are not setup to be sent securly, e-mail will not be sent and you will get an error message saying that the system cannot connect.

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