How do I access my email via webmail?

You can access your email at any time from any web browser by going to the following address: (Replace "" with your website's domain name. For example, if your website's domain name is, you would access your mail by going to

You will be asked for your login and password. The login is your full e-mail address (ie. "," not just "john"), and the password is the password that Connare Tech, Inc. has provided for your email address. If you have lost or forgotten this password, please contact Connare Tech, Inc. to have it reset.

When you log into your Webmail, you will be able to change your password, set up forwarding to other email addresses, configure auto-reply messages and server-based filtering.

Your email password can be changed by going to, using the same login credentials as described above, and clicking the "Change Password" icon on the bottom left.


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