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Our goal is to foster an inventive spirit and sharpen skills, and to embolden future developers to pursue, as we do, avenues that push the boundaries of what technology can accomplish for us. Connare Tech has worked with the University at Buffalo, Canisius College, the Ohio State University, and the Rochester Institute of Technology, giving students a flexible yet demanding opportunity to work on actual development projects.

In 2022 Connare Tech's internship program will be celebrating it's 7th year. For this year we will be merging our program into our partnership program with UB's Structural Biology department at HWI. We hope this will provide a more in-depth and diverse array of challenges and opportunities that cover a multitude of skill sets.

Connare Tech is proud to provide an environment which nurtures and helps refine the skills that are being learned in the classroom by applying them to real world applications. Interns have the option of earning college credit upon completion of their internship, which traditionally can span a full summer session, or during one or multiple fall or spring semesters. Though such a crash course in real world development is obviously demanding, we balance this with a flexible schedule and workload.

Our internship program continues to grow with interns continuing their careers pursuing advanced degrees at institutions such as Stanford University, being offered internships and employment at major Fortune 500 corporations such as Apple and Google and even work within the US government.

"The internship at Connare Tech, Inc. gave me a good experience working in teams. It improved my confidence in interacting with my peers and managers, and made me better at working in a group environment."
-Ashish Kulkarni (2009 intern)
Went on to attend Stanford University

Our interns immediately immerse themselves in projects relevant to their past experience and coursework. Connare Tech's wide range of products and service areas readily allows this flexibility, yet doesn't demand it. Interns have the opportunity to simultaneously work multiple projects outside of their comfort zone. They work on real projects that give them real world examples of how the technology they have been reading about can be applied to businesses, social networks and the future of technology. Interns have even worked directly with clients. Connare Tech firmly believes that all aspects of our business philosophy are worth teaching, and we are proud to have interns emulating not only our inventive, practical method of application development, but also our commitment to client relationships and user-end simplicity.

Through interning with Connare Tech I have not only gained invaluable experience in the field of analytics and marketing, but have also in aspects of entrepreneurship and the business world that cannot be taught in the classroom... It has taught me that education and learning continues way past a university’s classrooms, and one can learn the most by being challenged and thrust into an unfamiliar environment.
-Tyler K (2016 and 2017 intern)
Went on to work as a senior financial analyst for Victoria Secret

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