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Our E-Commerce Platform gives you the power and flexibility to showcase your business and it's products in the digital world.

E-Commerce sales have been increasing at double digit rates since the early 2000s. Sales a decade ago were estimated at $93 billion and have increased to over $320 billion in 2013. E-commerce sales show no signs of slowing down with volume expected to continue to grow at over double digit rates through 2020.

The internet landscape continues to drastically change how we interact in the world around us and Connare Tech's E-commerce platform gives you the opportunity to expand your own market to the global level freeing you from the limits of customers that would otherwise only be reachable through store fronts.


Have 1 product, 2, 10, 20, 500, 15000? It doesn't matter to us. We don't charge by the number of products that you have nor limit how many you can sell at a time.

Options - No Need for Repetition

Have a shirt that has different 7 different colors, 4 different styles and 3 sizes? Simply setup the product and customize it by adding different options. No need to enter all 84 different product combinations.

What about a premium color? Simply setup the option so if the premium color is selected the difference is added on to the base price.

Have another shirt that is similar but only has 3 colors, again no need to enter those 3 colors again, simply re-use the colors already stored in the system. Visitors to the site can then select any available combination of options that are available for each product based on your specifications.


We support direct integration and real-time quotes from all the major shipping providers Fedex, UPS and the USPS. If you have already negotiated rates with certain providers those are the rates that will be displayed to the customer.
We link your shipping accounts directly into our e-commerce platform so there are no surprises. Once an order is placed you login to your account and print out the shipping label without the need to re-input the information from the order.

We also have extensive support for local delivery rates. Want the customer to specific the delivery date? Need at least 24 hours notice or don't ship on weekends? You specify the rates and terms, our system handles the rest.

Other shipping options include store pickup, per item and flat rate.


We support all the major online payment gateways including, 1stData, PayPal, Amazon, Google Checkout.

Do you already accept credit cards at a physical location?

We can integrate with your current processor.
If you accept credit cards, many processors have an online component, that when bundled with current services, is offered at a discount. We can help integrate that into your e-commerce store.

No but I need to accept credit cards.

We can help too. We work with you to determine what the best solution will be for your business. If you need to accept credit cards we help you through the process of selecting a merchant account provider and online gateway.

Read more about how online credit card processing works here.

Quickbooks Support

Our e-commerce platform features full quickbooks support allowing you to easily and quickly sync sales and customer information. You can export all transactions directly into quickbooks reducing time resulting from manual input errors and re-entering sales orders.


Our e-commerce platform meets and exceeds current security guidelines for handling customer and financial data. All of our e-commerce deployments come with a $1.5 million warranty against fraudulent charges, the SSL green bar and encryption at 2048 bits currently the highest available.

Other features include

Multi-Tax Levels SEO Ready Discounts Reporting Gift Cards Downloadable Products Coupon Codes Customer Groups