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The first website was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and was created to help share information between scientists, universities, and educational institutions across the globe. Connare Tech was far from even coming into existence as it's founder was still running around in diapers, pressing buttons and being fascinated by how the world works. In 1993 the "world wide web" was put into public domain which started the next evolution of technology. It began as just a simple way to click on linked documents containing just, well text, information, no specialized color schemes, no pictures and no media. Today the web, or as it's now becoming know as, the cloud, is a very complex network. There are thousands upon thousands of systems made up of numerous components and technological puppeteers running and automating the necessary processes to make sure when you click "alexa look up", or "hey siri" that your request gets processed efficiently, quickly and without error.

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Our Website Services


Racks, servers, fiber optics and data centers are just a few of the items that are necessary for websites. We like to compare them as roads are for a car. But you don't have to worry about any of them. Connare Tech manages all of the hardware, maintenance and connectivity. We handle your "internet" address and have everything setup ready to go, from DNS management and e-mail, to load balancers and data redundancy. When is typed in, rest assured that our infrastructure will connect all the pieces so that anyone in the world can access it.


The web is constantly changing, and it has come a long way since the early 90s. There are now rules that have to be followed if you want your site to show up in search results. Beginning in 2016 industry and web organizations began to implement mandates that all sites must have security certificates or their content would be shown to visitors as insecure. With the introduction of phones and tablets the way websites look and appear on one device can be different than another, and there has to be things done to ensure some form of uniform experience. We maintain the code and as then update it to comply behind the scenes so you don't have to worry about how the ever changing industry evolves with standard changes.


A website's design is what makes the magic happen. The look and feel portrays your brand through digital means so that visitors know what exactly they're getting. Take a look at the 4 designs below:
Design Example #1 Design Example #2 Design Example #3 Design Example #4 While the designs are vastly different, they all have the exact same content. You can view a portfolio of our designs here.


Last, but not least, we offer functionality. Connare Tech, doesn't just provide out of the box functionality such as a pre-packaged solution such as WordPress or Shopify. While these solutions are effective they don't focus on the details that are specific to you, that you're able to offer to your customers, clients, visitors, potential customers, journalists, or whomever happens to land on your site. Our expertise is in delivering that functionality that differentiates things so with a unique design, your site will truly stand out.


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Digitized operational systems
Database Design and Integration
Cloud and/or on location based

Multi-platform Ready (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)

Designed to your Specific Needs


Accept Credit Cards
E-Commerce Web Stores
Merchant Accounts
Merchant Gateway Integrations
Retail Point of Sales Systems
Inventory Management


Event Listing
Session Management/Selection
Payment Configuration
Ticket Issuance
Onsite Check-In


Website Management

  • Registration
  • Design
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance

Sales and Lead Tracking
Interactive Experience based Content
Location Aware and Smart Presentation
Membership Management & Tracking
E-mail Blasts
Newsletter Digitized Publications

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