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Direct Integration

Accepting and processing credit cards in the digital world is complex, involving many rules and regulations governing how data is stored and transmitted.

Requirements for accepting online payments are having both a:

  1. Payment Gateway and
  2. Merchant Account

Connare Tech sets up and configures both the payment gateway and merchant account for businesses looking to accept credit cards. We then connect any applicable e-commerce or payment applications and communicate directly with the "payment gateway" so transactions that have been processed and approved can be deposited from your "merchant account" into your bank account.

Non-Direct Integration

Some gateways process credit cards via a non-direct integration method that requires the customer to make payment directly through their system. These methods generally do not charge monthly fees nor provide virtual terminals. Transactions are made through either an e-commerce platform, or buttons generated from the processor's account pages. The 3rd party gateways which offer non-direct integration that we support are:

Already accept credit cards?

If you already have process credit cards through a point of sale or retail establishment contact your merchant processor. Most processors will offer an online payment gateway(1), that we can communicate with so that funds can be will connect to your already established merchant account(2).