Connare Tech, Inc.

COVID-19 Update

During this unprecedented time we have been working to ensure, that now more than ever, our services are available to you. Whether you’re transferring money to make your trip to the grocery store as contactless as possible, or if it’s a new policy/procedure that needs to be pushed immediately to your customers, clients or members... Know that our products and services are still here, nor are they going anywhere.

Technology has historically pushed the human race forward. Connare Tech was founded with the idea that technology is a catalyst for success. Connare Tech will continue to turn with the world and when one of those turns is the closing of the chapter on the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be there. We will be there to write how we all worked together to overcome an adversary that at the time seemed otherwise insurmountable. We are categorized as an essential company, but only because your needs are what make it so. To everyone and especially the essential workers on the front line that we've have the privilege of serving. Thank you and stay safe!